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About us

Professional qualified specialists in orthodontics and members of the ASO.

Orthodontists at the Ballarat Orthodontic Practice are specialists in the treatment of bite and jaw problems.
Dr Jeff Sargents has a long history with the Ballarat community. With Dr Angelina Zea and Leanne Menhennet (Hygienist) the whole team provide professional and friendly service to children, teenagers and adults.

Early is best
An early check up with an orthodontic specialist allows us to help you minimise later problems and plan ahead. We encourage you to bring your children at around 7 -8 years of age so we can review their teeth and jaws.
Naturally we welcome your visit at any age or stage to discuss any concerns

Everyone is different
Dr Sargent and Dr Angelina Zea can give your child a personal assessment because you know your childs health is not a “one-size fits all” occasion.

Has orthodontics changed?
Yes. Today’s technology enables braces and other appliances used in orthodontics to be more comfortable and effective. Because braces are smaller and less visible, orthodontic treatment has become very popular and successful in adults.

About the ASO
Australian Society of Orthodontists

The ASO helps patients understand their options for orthodontic treatment and provides information about dealing with the most qualified practitioners providing orthodontic care.

The ASO provides factual information about orthodontic treatment. Our brief is to rely on the best university and hospital research to ensure every time we are acting in the best interests of patient care. We have no financial interest in any orthodontic companies or techniques.

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